Thank you Dr. Miller and Lincolnton Animal Hospital staff. If it was not for the expertise of Lincolnton Animal Hospital, our dog Annie would not be laying beside me as I write this. It's not just a clinic for our animal family, it's also a place of love and compassion. I know we drove them crazy calling to check on Annie and always the staff was so understanding and did everything possible to ease our concern. Again, our heartfelt thanks!
-Robby, Donna, Taylor, and Annie

Last month one of my cats, my BFF Avadar, became seriously ill. He stopped eating, lost weight and was jaundice. We thought for sure that he would not make it but Dr. Miller and her staff never let me think that there was no hope. They had to install a feeding tube and she taught me how to take care of him at home. After approximately 3 weeks he finally showed signs of getting better. Dr. Miller never gave up and thanks to her and the staff my friend is still here and doing great. As long as Dr. Miller and her fellow veterinarians are practicing I will never go to anyone else. Thank you Dr. Miller and all the folks at Lincolnton Animal Hospital, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!
-Madyson Millard and Avadar

Dr. Miller and Dr. Boger are truly devoted veterinarians who go above and beyond the call of duty. They had to operate on 2 of our mini dauschunds (they ate a whole rotisserie chicken bones and all and got really sick. They had to operate on the 2nd one last night and stayed late to do this. Right now both girls are resting comfortably and appear to be making a normal recovery. The staff is just as devoted to our animals as the doctors and we appreciate all you do for our family. You all rock!!!!
-Mary Howard Lassiter

Rarely do I encounter an organization worthy of an endorsement, much less a glowing review.
The Veterans' Hospital in Salisbury, People's Bank of Maiden, and now Lincolnton Animal Hospital are the only organizations I have dealt with in the past 10 years warranting such accolades.
Previous to finding Lincolnton Animal Hospital, I was satisfied with another clinic that had cared for my dogs and cats. Then, the owners discharged nearly all the personnel including the veterinarian I had worked with for six years.
Coincidentally and fortunately, as it turned out, I adopted two black lab puppies from the Lincolnton Animal Shelter. Included in the $85.00 per adoption fee for the brother and sister pups, Sampson and Delilah, was veterinary services bonus. The shelter was partnered with Lincolnton Animal Hospital to provide spay/neutering, puppy shots and rabies vaccines. That adoption occurred December 2010, since then I have gained enormous respect for Dr's. Miller, Boger, Jones, and the support staff. They have performed a myriad of services and procedures on my animals, consistently delivering an exemplary level of professionalism and compassion, justifying my utmost confidence.
When I finished checking-out, after my first visit to Lincolnton Animal Hospital, the receptionist called to the back for someone to assist in getting two squirming, furry, black bundles into my truck. Dr Jones, who was standing by the counter, grabbed one of the pups and said "let's go".
Only a small selfless act, one of many I have experienced at Lincolnton Animal Hospital and why I highly recommend their services.

-Wayne Alford

My relationship with Lincolnton Animal Hospital began in 1970 when my mother found a tiny kitten in a bag of horse food. Dr Kenneth Hodgson at Lincolnton Animal Hospital (LAH) treated that kitten and in time her two offspring. At that point we recognized the value of spaying and neutering. Dr Hodgson was my introduction to veterinary care and recognition of his competence led me to seek his expertise in matters concerning household pets.
When Dr Hodgson moved from Lincolnton, Dr Wayne Jones assumed the practice. His knowledge and skill together with his compassion and concern for animals and their owners convinced me that my growing collection of cats and dogs would receive the best of care at his facility. Dr Jones not only exhibited proficiency in veterinary medicine but also discernment in selecting highly skilled veterinarians to join his growing practice. Presumably it was under his tutelage that those young doctors became even better.
Some of the doctors who began their careers at LAH have moved to other locations; however Dr Karen Miller remains and now owns the practice. I'm convinced that the advice and interventions of Dr Jones and Dr Miller resulted in good health and long lives for some of my numerous cats and dogs.
The two vets in addition to Dr Miller who currently practice at LAH demonstrate the high standards of veterinary care that I first recognized in 1970. Dr Catherine Boger and Dr Amy Jones seem to be genuinely interested in helping their patients and willing to pursue for each animal any course that might lead to an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment.
Another thing that contributes to the professional yet friendly environment of LAH is the team work that is obvious among the entire staff. From assistance at check-in to assistance at check-out, clients are treated with respect. I think of Lincolnton Animal Hospital as one of the Lincoln County's treasures.

-Elise Painter

I just want to thank Lincolnton Animal Hospital for the wonderful care they have given Andy, Maggie, Erika, and Charlie; not only for the very best medical care but also for all the T.L.C. They wouldn't receive the T.L.C. just anywhere. Other places may give good medical care, but it takes special people to happily give from their hearts. This is Maggie and Erica's favorite place to visit in the whole world! Whether they come for a vet visit or to board with you, they LOVE it!!! Either way to them it's like taking their dream vacation at a 5 star resort, not only do they love to stay there, but should they become ill, it is detected and treated immediately. You just cannot buy that peace of mind, they are showered with attention and love. They can tell when someone really loves them, (when it's sincere), and they respond like wise.
Maggie had to have emergency surgery last year. The problem was detected in the morning, and the surgery was done in a couple of hours. Erika had to have surgery also, both recovered very quickly! Andy is 16 years old and has had medical problems since he was 2 years old. So thank you Dr. Miller for getting them through the bad times as well. Without the very best care Andy wouldn't have made it this far. We can never thank all of them enough, but we do thank them from the bottom of our hearts!!!

-Janet and Bryan Reep

I wanted to share my experience with the staff at Lincolnton Animal Hospital. Last spring my dachshund Star suddenly became sick and quit eating. We had a couple of visits during the week and finally it was decided she needed exploratory surgery. Dr Boger was very thorough in explaining the situation to me. Star had the surgery and received excellent personal care from Dr Boger and the staff. We were all extremely worried about her but by the end of the week, Star began eating and has been fine ever since. It was a very emotional time for me and I appreciate the kindness and consideration exhibited by everyone at Lincolnton Animal Hospital.
-Susan P. Harris

Only six days after adopting our two month old Palmer he became feverish, vomited and had projectile diarrhea (outside thankfully). My husband I decided to commit to this treatment for parvo virus as diagnosed by Lincolnton Animal Hospital partly because we felt he was meant to be part of our family. Palmer is half beagle and half cocker spaniel, and we had cared for one of each into their old age! From our contact with the first attendant through all the doctors and even a blood transfusion from Dr Boger's own dog, we knew Palmer was getting the platinum level of veterinary care! He was also receiving plenty of love from everyone with many goodnight visits. Unfortunately Palmer also had an upper respiratory infection, but it too was no match for the staff at Lincolnton Animal Hospital. Two weeks later at less expense than we anticipated, Palmer is home chewing his toys, eating his food and leaving "presents" on his puppy pads and back lawn, and loving his family again. I'm sure he misses his caregivers at the hospital.
-Debra and Greg Haralam

I was just at the facility this morning with Annie, she was due for her Proheart injection. It made me feel good when all the staff was "making over" Annie. You could tell they were dog people and she was comfortable with them. They hugged and played with her and Dr Boger was so good with Annie; checking her paws, etc. Thanks for all the help in fighting cancer.
- Judy Albright

My husband and I have been receiving special care for our four-legged family members for about 10 years from Lincolnton Animal Hospital. We were blessed with being able to love and care for Daisy Mae (shepherd mix) and Jesse (lab mix), both adopted from the doggie pound. We cannot express in words how much we appreciate the medical care and thoughtful office staff that both of our special babies received during their times of sickness and departure onto heaven. We still have little Rusty (chow mix) and he is going on a young fourteen years old.
We appreciate Dr Miller's, Dr Boger's, and Dr Jones' continued special care and affection for our furry family.

- David and Brenda Wyatt

I have been taking my pets to Lincolnton Animal Hospital for over 25 years. I feel that they always receive caring and considerate attention. Over the years I have had several cats and some of them have had significant health problems. Dr. Miller and the other veterinarians have always gone the extra mile to try to find effective treatments for sometimes very difficult problems. They are always willing to spend the time to talk with me and answer my questions and concerns.
- Ann Killian

Puppy groomed, fed, and sleeping. BIG thumbs up to Lincolnton Animal Hospital once again for making my disgusting child look Westminster ready. If you live in this area you really should go there. The grooming prices are way below Petco, Petsmart, and some other private groomers we've been to by a long shot, AND they have vets there! Did you know grooming parlors aren't inspected for cleanliness or sanitary conditions? Why would we NOT want our kids at a vet's office being groomed? We KNOW it's clean and safe. Oh and the people? Dr. Amy Jones is the sweetest, most soft spoken, animal loving vet I've ever seen. The office staff is accommodating and polite. If I trust the, you KNOW they're the best.
-Beth Roseboro